Dealer Car Auction Profit Hacks

Having a profitable and well maintained used car inventory can make a huge difference when it comes to the speed, also known as Velocity, in which you turn your used car inventory.
Booking out a used carBefore I begin, you will need a inventory scoreboard. It goes without saying that a professional inventory tool, such as Dealer Track’s Inventory+ or vAuto’s Provision  is your first line of defense when it comes to knowing where you stand with your used car inventory.

As I have said in a previous article;

“Book out every car like you need every dime.” – Kevin Leigh via Linked in

Once you know the current value it’s time to find ways to increase the net worth of each car.

Here are some simple tips on how to increase the value of your Used Car’s.

Clean and detail used cars before auction

Detailed car = higher wholesale proft

Auction Profit Hack 1: Cleanliness Matters on the Used Car Lot


Used Car Glove Box Marketing

The glove box is a great place to store marketing items

Auction Profit Hack 2: Glove Box Branding and Condition Report

Adding certain accessories can increase the value of a used car

Adding certain accessories can increase the value of a used car

Auction Profit Hack 3: Adding Accessories Can INCREASE Profit

Auction Profit Hack 4: Don’t Lower Profits By Adding Accessories

Auction Profit Hack 5:  Story Book for Higher Bid Sale Profit

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