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On a personal note, my first manager actually called wholesale buyers, “Lot Trolls”, a very derogatory term that annoyed me deeply at the time, since my father was an independent dealer. From my perspective, my dad represented middle-class America, a first-generation immigrant working his butt off to raise his six children. Not at all a ‘lot troll.’

Continued from Article: Argument fo​​​​r you to Focus on Wholesale

I am not suggesting that off-site auctions are inherently bad, they’re not. Remember, my dad was an independent dealer and we spent the greater part of my childhood at auctions in Pennsylvania and New York buying cars for his dealership.

No, auctions aren’t bad, they’re just expensive, like any third party. Third parties can be great under certain situations, but whenever you outsource a task to another company

This may seem like a simple question. After all, auction Houses have been the primary way we sell off our unwanted units for over 75 years. But is there an alternative?

As my father used to say, “there are at least three alternatives to almost every business problem.” The real question might be: could we cut this expense and still preform at the same level?

First lets look at the expense, and lets determine if it is worth it to switch.

A Bid Sale, also known as a Sealed Bid, is an organized silent car auction where local used car dealers, wholesalers, salvage buyers and international shippers, visit franchise dealers and bid on their wholesale cars.

Usually the bid sale contains the trade-ins that the selling dealer does not want to keep for a variety of reasons. Some have high mileage, an accident reported on CARFAX or Autocheck, an airbag deployment; basically, any car that doesn’t fit their minimum standards.


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