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This had to have taken forever to create, whoever did this is extremely skilled! I can’t even describe it, I wouldn’t know where to start. Have fun!!

How sad is Jim Delacy… Very Sad indeed.

So the sun was shining, my two kids were bopping to the music in the back seat of the F150 super cab. Even our dog Guinness seemed to be having the time of his life. We were on our way back from Batavia. We were on our way back from picking up little Kevin’s brand

I have been ironing my own shirts for years, because I do not like the chemicals that they use at the dry cleaner. This video will show you how.. The distilled water was something I did not know, that migght explain why we kill an iron every year or so.


Mary needed a headset for her new job as a phone triage nurse. I guess to use Skype or something. So this is the one I got her.. Very cool with noise canceling.