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Most couples never experience what we have,

  • Having a secret code signal to escape bad situations.
  • Knowing every nook and cranny of each others mind and body.
  • Knowing the words to every episode of Farscape
  • The pain of loosing a parent
  • The sweet sleep you get in our king size bed.
  • Knowing that you can count on each other
  • Children that can’t go to sleep without kissing their mommy good night.

And above all, knowing that the way

This is a little experiment in thumb writing, the crazy notion of typing 1000 word document on my Black Berry 7250 Nextel Phone.
Why bother you ask? Well you see, I’m feeling old at this moment after seeing 12 teenagers at the airport feverishly typing what was obviously very important magna caritas on their 12 button cell phones. They were heading to the Rose of Tralee Festival in Ireland I think, based on their attire, so colorful and pink

I was the middle child from a family of six children, all crammed into a 1,000 square foot “semi-detached” (duplex in the US) home in a little town on the outskirts of Dublin called Walkinstown. When you live in a small house all of your life, you don’t realize it’s small. Not until you move to the USA and your parents buy a palatial home outside of Buffalo NY. Alright I lied, our new house was only 1,800 square feet,

The very essence of leadership is, knowing your people as you would a family member.

Be excited to see them, every day.

Start and end your day at the back of the building or in the obscure office where the people that are not outspoken or pushy reside and make time to ask family style questions.

Every level of employee should feel the same level of importance in the job they do. If the person that sweeps the floor need

To prevent Alex from being Killed the other day I pulled him out of the room after he asked Mary what she does… Here is what I told him.

No one would take a job that has you on call 24 hours a day.
That involves cleaning up after people
Helping others achieve their best while taking no credit for yourself.
Cooking their meals and picking up their dirty socks.
With the most demanding bosses..