Minor Modifications = 2:1 Profit Ratio

Sometimes the smallest little details make your cars look so much better and in many cases add profit at a 2:1 ratio. When I was younger I made a living buying cheap cars with rips in the seats and dashboards. I would add seat covers and a minor patch kit for the cracks, then turn around and re-auction the car at a respectable profit.

Simple things like

  • Spray paint the wheel wells black or use spray on rust proofing to get a thicker finish.
  • Spray silver paint on the end of an exhaust pipe
  • Cleaning foggy headlight lenses with Turtle Lens Cleaner
  • Add paper floor mats after the car is detailed. (go here to get a case of 500)
  • Add an air freshener (go here to buy in packs of 10)
  • Repair windshield chips. The cost of repairing a windshield is usually less than the amount that buyers will mentally knock off the price if you leave the damage as is.
  • Add used tires, this can add the most value per dollar of anything you do

Train your detail crew how to perform these little upgrades.

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