Accessories Can INCREASE Profit on Wholesale Cars

Some accessories can actually increase the value of your wholesale cars. Items such as waxing the car  or adding paint seal can make the car pop online and stand tall on your bid sale lot.
Another area that almost always increases the curb appeal of your car is wheels and tires. Besides the odometer, the tires are the first thing that wholesalers and independent dealers look at when bidding.

Ttire depth helps sell used cars at auctionhat doesn’t mean you need to add $2000 in custom wheels, in most cases you can just clean up the ones you already have on the car.

Tires, may not be considered an accessory but it is the one every buyer understands and worries about. “Tall tires” really sell the car.

Again you don’t have to buy brand new tires for every car, consider keeping mid rage tire that you are removing from your retail cars. a 3-5 32nd tire will be enough for the average wholesale transaction.


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