Fun busting Speeding Ticket

How sad is Jim Delacy... Very Sad indeed.

So the sun was shining, my two kids were bopping to the music in the back seat of the F150 super cab. Even our dog Guinness seemed to be having the time of his life. We were on our way back from Batavia. We were on our way back from picking up little Kevin’s brand new bike. We were listening to Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer on the radio and life was Awesome..

At least until the police siren went off.

Immediately I look down at the odometer, 54MPH not bad. Where am I and what the crap is the speed limit here.

Well, as it turns out is was 35.. at least for the past 100 yards. This was one of the best speed traps I have ever seen…
-speed zone sign
-35 mph sign

All in 50 yards of each other and RIGHT there is the cop from hell…

As it turns out it is Jim Delacy’s son, the most miserable son of a gun you could possibly know.. Even my dad (lord rest his soul)¬†thought he was a shmuck and he loved everyone.

By the time it was over, the kids were crying, Mary was smirking and I just fumed, because this was the first ticket I had in 10 years… Crap…
town of Corfu 1, Leigh family zero.

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  1. Kevin B. Leighhoughtrain

    Same thing happened to me going through cofu last week. I have been driving for ten years, this is my first ticket. He clocked me as I was decelerating into town. 48 in a 35. This isn’t legitimate law enforcement, this is highway robbery. Even the town website smirks “Hi from the Village Board. I hope all are enjoying the summer, unlike the people who have found speeding and other infractions in our little village not so enjoyable”

    All I know is that Ill never patronize another Corfu business ever again.


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