Black Book data, car values fell $40

According to Black Book data, car values fell by 0.33 percent or $40 last week, while truck values dropped by 0.36 percent or $62.

Last week, all the car segments Black Book tracks had higher week-over-week depreciation rates, except for the prestige luxury segment, which remained stable.

The near-luxury car segment saw the largest depreciation among the cars, with rates dropping by $113 or 0.63 percent. The entry-level cars continued to experience larger-than-average declines, with prices dropping by 0.49 percent or $32 last week. But the compact car segment, which had seen rates drop significantly over the course of 2015, only saw prices fall by 0.09 percent or $8 to wrap up the year.

Interestingly, Black Book also pointed out the luxury level car segment, which saw prices drop by 0.37 percent or $82 last week, was the only segment to see prices drop during each week of 2015.

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