Avoid Bribery at Your Dealer Auction

No one should know your bidders until the end, including the manager.


I highly recommend that your use software that hides the bidders until the end. True accountability and tracking is a key security measure to prevent bribes and backroom deals. Software like Auction Simplified are great for this because they allow buyers to bid completely online.

All bids are truly anonymous.  It has one truly unique feature, no one knows who the bidder is until they win.

When bids are really anonymous,  there is no risk of those back room kick backs, because no one knows who bid. I admit it, that was a shameless plug for the company I co-founded, but it solves the biggest issue with wholesaling direct; accountability.

TIP: Another advantage of online bidding  is, if you are aware of a trouble buyer or you don’t want a buyer at your auction, you can block them from seeing your cars online. This works especially well with competitors. Lets face it you don’t want them seeing your trades. Again not something easily done if you take the car to off site auctions.

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