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What is a Sealed Bid Sale?

A Bid Sale, also known as a Sealed Bid, is an organized silent car auction where local used car dealers, wholesalers, salvage buyers and international shippers, visit franchise dealers and bid on their wholesale cars. Usually the bid sale contains the trade-ins that the selling dealer does not want to … Read More

Are Auction Sellers Fees Worth it?

This may seem like a simple question. After all, auction Houses have been the primary way we sell off our unwanted units for over 75 years. But is there an alternative? As my father used to say, “there are at least three alternatives to almost every business problem.” The real … Read More

Can Off-Site Auctions Be Your Best Choice?

Continued from Article: Argument fo​​​​r you to Focus on Wholesale I am not suggesting that off-site auctions are inherently bad, they’re not. Remember, my dad was an independent dealer and we spent the greater part of my childhood at auctions in Pennsylvania and New York buying cars for his dealership. No, … Read More

Kicking Out Our Most Prolific Buyers

Continued from article: Argument for you to Focus on Wholesale On a personal note, my first manager actually called wholesale buyers, “Lot Trolls”, a very derogatory term that annoyed me deeply at the time, since my father was an independent dealer. From my perspective, my dad represented middle-class America, a first-generation … Read More

From Lot Trolls to Trusted Partners

“Lot Trolls” Continued from article: Argument for you to Focus on Wholesale The GM paged Mike to his office – an imposing raised structure in the back of the showroom. As he approached the office, Mike had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Like most salespeople he had a … Read More

Argument fo​​​​r you to Focus on Wholesale

Maximizing wholesale profit has been a struggle or even a nonstarter for franchise dealers since the pressure to increase new car volume at the expense of trade values is higher than ever before. But even as that pressure builds, the manufacturer-controlled programs drive our competition to lower prices, and it … Read More

Using Predictability with Transparency in the auction business.

The term transparency replaced the word honesty at some point in the early 2000’s as the buzzword for treating your customers with respect. Most of us learned pretty quickly that the internet created a need for the old school, good ole boys of the car business, to be honest, or … Read More

Crowd-sourcing your Wholesale Cars

crowd·sourc·ing ˈkroudˌsôrsiNG/ noun the practice of obtaining input into a task by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. “It’s like crowdsourcing your wholesale auctions.” I was discussing one of the auction reports we provide with Jeff Rubin, COO of … Read More

Wholesalers direct VS Bid Sale Auction

About 40% of dealers in the US and Canada, wholesale cars direct to used car lots, wholesalers and junk yards. But a new trend has emerged, mostly in the NE called the bid sale. Take a look