As Gas Prices Drop Back, Electric Cars No Sale.

Gas prices seemed to have stabilized over the last few weeks and actually dropped back to prior weeks levels. What is more interesting is how diesel prices are now equalized with gasoline.

In the auction market, electric cars have paid the price. “They are cold as heck” said one dealer in NJ after he was forced to “NO SALE” two in a row at Manheim because no one was bidding.

The Wall Street Journal first noticed this trend earlier in the year when their headline read. Resale Prices Tumble on Electric cars. “Tax credits on new models and worries about battery life undercut efforts…”

“Its gas prices. Its killing all clean air efforts in the US right now.” said one dealer at a dealer bid sale in Rochester NY. “But I am not complaining, because we are selling Trucks, SUV’s and high end luxury like pre 2008”


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